7 Best upskilling platforms in 2023

7 Best upskilling platforms in 2023

Today, upskilling is necessary. Budgets for L&D have increased dramatically for 67% of the L&D teams. Additionally, some businesses are now investing up to $5000 in learning and development for each employee. But it’s still difficult to gauge how well L&D programmes are working. The number of hours of upskilling content that participants in the initiative consumed was traditionally tracked by L&D managers, but that is not a useful statistic to gauge success. Upskilling tools have a role in this. The best platforms for upskilling will not only let you monitor the conventional metrics but will also assist you in conducting training requirements analysis and identification, identifying crucial skills for business expansion, and calculating the precise return on investment of L&D activities.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market, staying relevant and competitive is more important than ever. With new technologies and job roles emerging at an unprecedented pace, it’s essential to continuously learn and adapt in order to stay ahead of the curve. This is where upskilling platforms come in – they provide the tools and resources needed to acquire new skills and advance your career.

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Here are some of the best upskilling platforms available today:

  • Paradiso LMS:

    Resources are given priority in Paradiso LMS so that you can gain the abilities you require. With individual skill profiles, learning opportunities tailored to their objectives and interests, and content selected from millions of resources to support their learning at work, you can help your employees acquire the skills they need. Then demonstrate all of their acquired knowledge in a current record that accompanies them throughout their career. The following advantages come with using Paradiso’s Upskilling Platform:

  • Learning and development that can be customised to meet each person’s needs
  • Putting resources in order to get the talents you need
  • Fostering peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Gaining knowledge of the subjects and environments that inspire learning
  • Due to the centralization of all internal and external learning resources, integration is straightforward.
  • Increased production and output
  • iMocha:

    iMocha : is an AI-based evaluation platform that aids businesses in determining and enhancing the talents of their workforce. It has a special upskilling portal that you can use to check the skill levels of your staff members and monitor their overall learning progress. A library of over 2,500 abilities for learning evaluations tailored to the needs of the business is also available on this platform.

  • Utilizing pre- and post-skills assessments, it aids in TNI/TNA.
  • It provides you the freedom to include your own questions and, at the same time, customise the L&D program’s structure to meet your needs.
  • The ROI of the learning programme can be measured with the aid of this upskilling software.
  • UpGard :

    One of the greatest venues for upskilling is upGrad, which provides challenging programmes that are relevant to the industry and are developed and delivered in collaboration with top academics and business leaders. These courses can be used by talent development managers to enhance their staff members’ current skill sets. By providing specialised seminars and programmes, upGrad aids employees in advancing in their careers.

  • UpGrad provides carefully crafted learning curricula.
  • The certificates given out following the course’s conclusion aid in monitoring the students’ development.
  • These courses are available to employees via mobile applications and websites.
  • edX :

    Another learning portal that offers online courses to both individuals and businesses is edX. It includes a variety of eLearning courses in subjects like engineering, computer science, and foreign languages. In addition, edX offers courses that are frequently required for professional certification. It is recognised as one of the greatest platforms for upskilling because it offers courses that are typically free and available to anybody online, unless they wish to receive a certified certificate after finishing.

  • Nearly all of the necessary authoring software functions are included.
  • It enables staff members to study at their own speed.
  • Because of the straightforward administrative dashboards, managers can simply monitor learners’ progress.
  • FutureLearn :

    The upskilling platform FutureLearn offers a variety of courses to assist your staff launch their careers or brush up on their knowledge on a variety of subjects. It offers popular short courses, online degrees, certifications, and micro-credentialing programmes. There are already 175 partners on this platform, including numerous esteemed UK universities. Non-university collaborations include UNESCO and Amnesty International.

  • It features excellent UI/UX.
  • The tool’s learning analytics feature enables users to view the results of any on-platform assessments as well as the percentage of the course they have completed.
  • Many L&D managers consider this to be one of the best upskilling platforms due to its ability to produce original learning courses.
  • Degreed :

    An online learning platform called Degreed offers courses for businesses wishing to retrain and upskill their staff. Degreed encourages employees to teach others by involving groups in crowdsourcing and collaborative development. Additionally, it lists and ranks the abilities that your staff will need in the future. With the help of this tool, you can match the skills of your workforce to your company’s strategic goals.

  • Managers may assess essential abilities and see in real-time where they are strong or where they are lacking thanks to this upskilling software.
  • You can monitor both team and individual learning activities using Degreed.
  • It automatically matches people with tasks, roles, or projects that are better suited to their skill set.
  • Paradiso LMS:

    The comprehensive eLearning platform Paradiso Solution provides businesses with the most flexible and feature-rich eLearning solutions to help them grow their business successfully. One of the top systems for upskilling, it identifies skill shortages, offers data, and chooses custom learning tactics to develop abilities without interfering with operations. LMS, course catalogues, as well as managed training services are all offered by Paradiso as online learning goods. For companies that require end-to-end learning solutions, this LMS also provides platform features that can be customised.

  • By merging personal and management ratings, it creates a diagrammatic summary that applicants can use to gauge their level of ability.
  • Paradiso Solution provides top-notch customer support.
  • Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices can be used by learners to access their training with ease.


Upskilling platforms are essential for anyone looking to advance their career in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market. They provide access to the resources and tools needed to acquire new skills and stay relevant in your field. With the vast array of options available, you’re sure to find a right platform which is Paradiso LMS

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