Smooth your business training needs with Paradiso LMS HRIS integration

Manage the employees’ information could be hard sometimes for many companies, not only because they need to store every HR document about them, but also many of them need to track their performance in the training programs. Thinking to help companies to solve this problem, Paradiso developed an LMS HRIS integration.

With this integration, companies are now able to manage and synced employees’ training reports and HR processes in the same place.

Onboarding TrainingThis is a Human Resource Information System very useful tool made to run all the company assets. There you can store the employee info, such as join date, contract type, salary, title, manager, etc. It helps an organization plan, control and manages HR costs, carry out detailed reporting and effectively recruits new staff. But it doesn’t really help with the training reports.

There is where an LMS or eLearning Platform becomes an excellent system to create the training programs, reduce time and cost of implementation, and track the employees’ learning process.

With Paradiso LMS-HRIS integration you can easily manage your HR files, accounting documents and training reports in just one place, thanks to features like the Single Sign-On (SSO). Any user of your HRIS system can be added to the LMS and take courses or any learning matter without having to create and set up a new profile. The LMS will import the data from the HR software.

Another great advantage of having your LMS HRIS integration is the possibility to track and follow all learning processes without having to switch between the eLearning software and the HR platform. All the employee data including training needs and achievements would be on a single platform. Also, our LMS features and records are accessible from a tab on the dashboard. This allows your audience to launch and assign courses, view course material and use social tools without ever having to leave the HRIS.

The accuracy of the information is really important to increase the productivity of any company.

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Other benefits of the LMS HRIS integration are:

  • Complete customization.
  • Time and money savings.
  • Excellent flow of data.
  • Enhanced reporting.
  • Data synching.
  • Enhances organizational performance.

Paradiso LMS is fully capable to integrate with HRIS solutions like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, BambooHR, among others.

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