Moodle Multi Tenant Features

Supported by Moodle: 2.3 and above

Use Case:

-Commercial company wants to sell training services to multiple smaller customers. Customers get only student accounts and inspector accounts. All courses are created and managed by the commercial company. The major benefit would be the full separation of tenants including custom theme and frontpage. So Company Ford will see the Ford logo and information. Company Honda will see the Honda logo and information.

Moodle multi tenant features
Tenant A: Ford
Tenant B: Honda 
Multi Tenant features integration

Moodle Multi Tenant Features:

  • Navigation
  • Front page
  • Logging
  • Reports
  • Admin settings and UI
  • Authentication
  • Tenant SSO Auth Plugin
  • User management
  • Enroll
  • User upload
  • User profile and preferences
  • Bulk user actions
  • Course category editing
  • Messaging
  • Tenant Migration to Different Site
  • Cohorts

This video/Demo shows how Moodle Multi-tenant feature works.

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