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LMS E-signature

How to use Paradiso LMS E-signature feature

According to U.S ESIGN Act, an E-Signature is an “electronic, sound, symbol or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record”. In other words, an electronic signature is a feature that allows digital recording of activities or documents in order to keep in track editions, secure a document that’s only available to specific users or certificate an assistance, the course taken or to give acknowledgment of information received.

Now applying this to a Learning Management Software, an e-signature works as a really useful feature because it helps to organize, keep records, assign tasks to specific people and make sure that person needs to be registered and sign properly before or after seeing or editing a document or taking a course.

Let’s say for example you have a total of 50 students training in your current course. When they take the course and have learned the lesson you are probably going to want them to give acknowledgment of it. This for multiple purposes such as certifying that the LMS course was taken and the student signed to record it; It can also be used to take the next level of a course or, for example, in a situation where you need to keep track of people who attend a forum, a webinar or read a communication. The e-signature developed by Paradiso allows you to digitize your signature to do all the above and keep electronic records safe and secure for future occasions when you need to authenticate a situation, action or information.

The E-signature helps, in terms of security, to restrict changes on the training material when it is attached to an electronic signature. The training managers start by publishing their content and regulate it by specifying that e-signatures are required. It also helps to deliver specific content to people, in the certain time, having it captured and reported.

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In the E-signature activity, the signer will have the option to add a fresh signature or use an existing one.

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Special features of Paradiso LMS E-signature

Audit Trail and serial numbers

The Audit Trail for our E-Signature is one of the most advanced audit trail systems in the online signature industry. Each signed contract includes detailed signer events and, activity to protect you and your signers.

  • Compliant with Established U.S. E-SIGN Act, UETA, and other laws in many countries
  • Legally Binding Documents
  • Tamper-Resistant Technology

LMS E-signature

Unique Document ID

Each document, contract or agreement that gets created receives a unique document Identifier (or ID).  Similar to human DNA, each Paradiso E-Signature generates a document that has its own unique DNA string.  The document identifier is the text and numeric string that identifies the unique (one of a kind) document DNA.

If the document is ever tampered with or altered in any way the document ID will change immediately.  Altering any aspect of a live agreement will literally cause the agreement to “self-destruct” until all original contents are exactly as they were at the time of signing. This also applies to the signer. The Party ID is a unique numeric identifier that is associated with a signer of a particular document designed to identify him.

Digital Fingerprint Checksum

The Digital Fingerprint for the E-Signature is one of the most exciting features in the audit trail. Similar to a human fingerprint, each signer of an E-Signature generated document will have a unique Digital Fingerprint. The fingerprint is comprised of a series of events and data that is associated with the party’s digital signature that was used to eSign their document.

Once a document has been signed a barcode gets generated in the Signature Audit Trail. The Digital Fingerprint barcode contains the unique checksum ID (which is a text and numeric string combination) that makes up the signers unique signature fingerprint.

The fingerprint is generated each time a document is loaded. This helps protect you the document creator, as well as your signer’s from any malicious intent to manipulate the terms of an electronically signed contract.

Digital Fingerprint Barcode

If you have access to a smartphone or tablet you can search your app store for any number of free barcode readers. With a barcode reader app installed you will be able to scan the digital fingerprint ID. Scanning the barcode should return the text and numeric value of the digital fingerprint (on your smartphone or tablet device) as it is printed in the audit trail.

If the multi-factor digital checksum fingerprint that is listed in your document doesn’t match the text and numeric string that is returned when scanning the barcode then you might have reason to suspect the authenticity of the document. Paradiso E-Signature scanned barcode results should match the same fingerprint checksum that is generated on your document.

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