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Virtual Classroom

Distance Learning Through Your Virtual Classroom

eLearning platforms have become a window for the education and corporate sector. The different features they offer make them a great platform for teaching and training employees depending on the sector, but often vital video conferencing tools have been missing. Virtual Classroom Platform (VCP) gives you the power of an LMS coupled with Video Conferencing tools for making presentations, participating in webinars or one-on-one learning sessions, etc. Virtual Classroom Platform provides you everything you need all in one platform.

Create, Invite, and attend all directly from one platform. Give your users a more streamlined online experience by centralizing your needs in one place. No need for external pages and credentials.

Users will be able to just click their resource or activity for Online Class and they will be taken directly to the presentation or webinar where this class will be held.

Types of Notification

  1. Calendar Sync
  2. Block Module
  3. Email Notification

Access upcoming online classes and past meetings history. The integration allows users to access an archive of online recorded classes for review, or for those who missed them to watch later at their convenience.

Features of a Virtual Classroom Platform

  • HD Video
  • Record all live events
  • Join and participate from your mobile device
  • Chat , polling and Quizzes
  • Sharing Capabilities:
    • Desktop
    • Whiteboard
    • Documents
    • Applications
    • Remote Control
  • Recording Add On

Benefits of a Virtual Classroom

  • Schedule a Meeting or Presentations directly from the LMS
  • Email notification only to enrolled users
  • Launch WebEx meetings directly from the LMS
  • Synchronize future WebEx meetings with the LMS calendar
  • Meetings Block – Future Meeting and History of Meetings
  • Record the Meeting and automatically it will be added to LMS as a new resource for future references in HD Video

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