Any vendor or company which provides an LMS scorecard

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Is there any vendor or company out there which provides an LMS scorecard?

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Glad to answer your question! Yes, there is a company called Paradiso which provides LMS scorecard. Know the benefits of using LMS vendor selection scorecard:

LMS vendor scorecard is a strategic tool that helps to take a critical decision on suppliers. Used effectively, it can improve business efficacy and drive successful innovation. LMS vendor selection scorecard helps in LMS vendor evaluation and simplify your decision-making process. It strengthens vendor relationships, lowers costs, reduces errors, and helps frame the business’s right future strategies.

Paradiso is one of the best LMS vendors that offer unique features and quality customer services. Our software delivers a cloud-based learning solution for a hassle-free online training program. Deliver training anytime, anywhere with our intuitive eLearning platform.

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