Best Options for Interstate Car Shipping?

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Hi all! So, I’ve decided to spend my retirement years in Arizona and need to move from Michigan. That means figuring out how to get my SUV there safely. Anyone have suggestions for good car shipping companies that operate between these states? I’m looking for a service that’s both efficient and budget-friendly. Thanks in advance!

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fargosyan fargosyan answered

Hi there! I can definitely relate to your situation. When I retired a few years ago, I also had to figure out how to get my beloved SUV from New York to Arizona. After doing some research, I found Safe Car Hauling car transport to be an excellent option.

Safe Car Hauling is a reputable auto transport company that operates nationwide, including between Michigan and Arizona. They offer a range of services to suit different needs and budgets, from open car transport to enclosed auto transport. What I really liked about them was their commitment to customer service and the care they take in handling vehicles.




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