Cost to create an online course in 2021

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How much does it cost to create an online course in 2021?

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Designing a course that covers the trending professions can help the individuals because many individuals are thinking about making a Career Switch in UAE. Courses are great for the individuals because the best courses teach the skill in less time and individuals can display the certificates on their resumes as well.

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GerardHarding GerardHarding answered

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pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

If you mean developing from scratch, it can cost from $4000 to $ 10000. Everything depends on the scope of features and desired design.

Estimating the cost of an eLearning course is not that straightforward there are many factors applicable. On the other hand, many vendors might quote you a ridiculously low price on their eLearning course and what you end up with is a course that is so bad it should never have made it past the storyboard phase, e.g., cheesy fade-out effects, unstandardized colors and button sizes, and overall low attention to details and quality.

Sometimes a vendor may charge you a little more; but yes, it is much better than what you would end up if you tried to save a few bucks.

If you need a detailed quote, you can get it here Cost of online course creation.

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