eLearning platforms for high school and college level maths

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tommyfreed EleanorPerez answered

What are some good eLearning platforms for learning high school or college level maths?

Oleg21 Oleg21 answered

Hello everyone. Some time ago, I transferred to high school and started regular exams in mathematics. But unfortunately I had certain difficulties that I could not fix. And I started looking for online help. As a result, I was able to find a wonderful math tutor. He helped me a lot in my studies and I was able to fill in my knowledge gaps. I advise you to try it for those who really have problems with mathematics.

ericbeatric ericbeatric answered

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boardgamesaz boardgamesaz answered

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Oleg21 Oleg21 answered

We live in such years when, because of one virus, many things become unavailable in the usual form. Therefore, everything is transferred to the online form. It’s the same with education. Recently I wanted to enroll my child in online mathematics for kids lessons. It is not my surprise that my son likes it very much, and most importantly, the result of training is visible. I recommend it!

pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

Well I would recommend you to choose Paradiso LMS!!

The focus in math classes turns to college and Paradiso has advanced algebra, calculus, test practice, and lots of real-life problem-solving.




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