How can gamification be used to enhance e-learning?

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Basic math for kids is easier to grasp when the concepts are embedded in everyday activities. You can teach your kids how to count money by having them help you cut vegetables, or pay them to do housework. You can also make math fun by rewarding them for completing tasks that require them to use money to buy things. Make sure not to overwhelm your child with too much information at once; start with counting objects from one to ten, and then switch over to subtraction and addition.

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If you want to make math fun for your child, you don’t need to spend time on complicated equations. In fact, your child is likely to naturally explore math concepts while playing. By incorporating mathematical procedures into your child’s daily activities, you can make math more fun for both of you. Just ask your child what it looks like, research it, and practice it. Your child will soon be on the road to becoming a more accomplished, confident mathematician.

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