How can gamification be used to enhance e-learning?

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When you mean by eLearning platforms are you looking to create online courses and tests as well as manage compliance and issue certifications?

If that’s the case then you can check out Paradiso Learning Management System. It comes as an integrated eLearning platform that help you:

1) Create courses, assessments and feedback surveys
2) Assign these courses to learners and track their progress
3) Manage learners via a centralized learning portal
4) Share courses via emails, link or embedded on your website
6) Issue custom designed certificates will meeting compliance requirements

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Gamification means using game mechanics to encourage learners to explore and learn with fun. Gamification brings game dynamics to ones learning process.

So how can this Gamification be used to enhance e-learning?

• Point System
Point system can be introduced where learner gets points for certain behavior or activities. Also, this point system can be customized to any business objective.

• Badges
Badges provides goal for learners which can be achieved within an LMS. Best part is that, trainers can design their own badge and determine what a milestone should be for a particular badge.

• Gamification Leaderboards
Leaderboards help learners to keep track of their points. It also helps learners check their performance against others which motivates them to work harder.

These points, badges or even Gamification Leaderboards, become a source of motivation and learners even can flaunt it on social media about the same.
Applying these game dynamics makes conventional boring training lively and engages every learner and gets the most of them.
These are some of the ways how Gamification can be used to enhance e-learning in one organization.

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