How can I create my Online Courses?

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Mark Smith savega1152 answered

I already have the LMS but I’m struggling with the Course creation process. How can I create my courses easily?

gregoryhutchison gregoryhutchison answered

Hi Mark,

One of the most important things to succeed in eLearning is creating powerful online courses that allow you to engage and motivate your users and achieve the learning goals. I bet you already understand that. So what is the online course creation process? I’m going to share with you some steps that would help you create your online courses and distribute them.

  1. Define your learning needs and goals: you have to keep in mind the purpose and the reason why you are doing or creating your courses. What is making you think about a new course? which skills or knowledge you need your users to develop or achieve? the answers would give you the roadmap to create the strategies and the perfect content for your users and expectations.
  2. Understand your audience: The course is going to be taken by your users, so they should be part of the process from the beginning. Try to ask them directly what are their expectations and learning goals. Identify their common needs, struggles or expectations and build and design a course that solves their struggles.
  3. Select your topic: You need to define how your Online Course can solve your students’ needs. Think about your course or topic as a roadmap for your learners to achieve their learning goals. Research and select a topic that helps your students or employees achieve the level of knowledge of skills required to keep improving as professionals.
  4. Select the course format and method: this is an important step before developing. If you are using a Learning Management System select SCORM, AICC or TINCAN API as a format to ensure that it could be compliant with any other eLearning platform.
  5. Develop your course: this is the hardest step in your online course creation process. You would definitely need a group of experts or an eLearning development company that helps you develop your course based on your requirements and goals.
  6. Implementation: Here is where you decide to use an Open Source LMSOn-premise LMS or a Cloud-based LMS to host your courses and create a custom solution that really fits your learning requirements.
  7. Define the course’s price: Estimate the amount of money that you spent on the planning, development, and implementation. Also, keep in mind the level of expertise and level of interactivity. The eLearning market is also saturated and you can find a lot of competitors selling similar courses. Make sure you also offer competitive pricing so you would have better possibilities to sell your courses.
  8. Promotion: You have to build your course brand and also inspire confidence. Ask yourself, How do I want to be recognized? They don’t know you, either your experience and what you are trying to teach or sell them.
  9. Evaluation: It is almost mandatory to evaluate and analyze the impact, effectiveness, and success of your eLearning course. This is the stage that would tell you if all your efforts are worth it. All the stages of the eLearning process are evaluable and will throw different and important data to measure the quality, impact, teachability, and success of your course.

Make sure that you select the right course level based on your porpuses and learning needs. This is key for engagement.

savega1152 savega1152 answered

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