How can I gamify a 3 month long development program where the participants (60 executives) work on cross-functional projects and are provided some blended learning inputs?

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We are thrilled to announce a strategic relationship with Xoxoday to enhance and simplify the platform’s awarding system in order to make it more user-friendly, engaging, and interactive for users. Through this collaboration, it is anticipated that the current gamification and other collaborative elements related to a reward system in the LMS would be improved in terms of user experience and efficacy. With the link, Paradiso LMS will be able to digitize and automate the awards and advantages it offers. It is supposed to make the procedure more streamlined and easy, as well as enhance the overall experience of play tic tac toe receiving and redeeming reward points and vouchers.

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Word Finder is a specialist program that facilitates the playing of word games. It allows you to create new words or rearrange old ones to form a correct word from the letters that are jumbled in the provided space. The Word Finder tool will return many right answers, with the words presented in alphabetical order and similar-length words grouped together.

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Web design and web development are completely different things, and they work well in tandem for business and new ideas, and such services can always be obtained from the guys from the company who know how to make everything convenient and easy for you to use, after all, you can always find options for promoting and simplifying your usual functions at work.




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