How do you relax from studying?

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David2515 Hortinn answered

Hi. How do you relax from studying? I know that many people play video games and even in online casinos. How do you feel about such entertainment? Maybe it will interfere with learning?

John_Krasinski John_Krasinski answered

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yeriri1333 yeriri1333 answered

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kanesmith kanesmith edited answer

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Rusha21 Rusha21 answered

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merlinkost merlinkost answered

I like to take a break from studying by traveling. I choose an interesting place to go and I don’t go there for a week or two. Recently I went to Portugal in business class, if you want to do as I do, then visite site and see nice conditions for yourself. Portugal is a very beautiful country, you can find a lot of interesting and unusual things in it. I have not regretted my trip to this country.




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