How to create an online interactive course?

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How do I create an online interactive course?

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I learned how to create this when I used summer high school credits.

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If you want to create online interactive course it depends on what kind of course you are planning to create. There are many tools to create interactive courses offering different types of interactivity level and different types of interactive media. I’ll recommend you to try Paradiso Composer as it’s one of the best authoring tools in the market and support great set of new interactive media which you can put right inside your courses.

Here are few points on how to create interactive training modules?

  • Add Interactive Elements
  • Add Digital Storytelling
  • Include Videos
  • Create Simulated Environments
  • Devise Branching Scenarios

If you are still stuck in creating interactive course, I will help you. While I was researching for creating online interactive course for various Level of Interactivity, I came across the website How to create interactive online course I highly suggest that you check it, you will learn plenty of new things.

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