How to Run a Corporate Instagram Account for E-commerce Businesses to Gain More Likes and Increase the Following

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If you’re running a corporate profile for an e-commerce business on Instagram, you know how important it is to get IG likes on your posts, as they are an indicator of engagement, and the more impressions you have, the more likely your posts will be seen by a larger audience. Here are some tips on how to gain Instagram likes for your e-commerce business profile.

Tips on How to Gain Instagram Hearts

  1. Use high-quality visuals: As an e-commerce business, you want to showcase your products in the best possible way. Use high-quality visuals that showcase your creations in a visually appealing way. Use professional photos and videos that are well-lit and have good composition.
  2. Use only relevant hashtags: Hashtags are an excellent method to reach a broader audience. Use hashtags that are specific to your product and business. Don’t use generic hashtags that are too broad or have too much competition. You can also make your own hashtag (which associates with you or your brand) to encourage your followers to use it.
  3. Post consistently: Discipline is essential when it comes to gaining Instagram likes. Post regularly and at a consistent time to keep your potential customers engaged. Use Instagram insights to see when your audience is most active and schedule your publications accordingly.
  4. Use Stories: Instagram Stories are a great way to show how to use your products and increase engagement. Use stickers, polls, and questions to encourage your followers to interact with your Stories. You can also use Story ads as a tool to reach a wider audience.
  5. Engage with your fans: Engaging with your audience is crucial if you want to gain more hearts for Insta. Respond to comments, answer questions, and take the time to connect with your adherents. This will help build a loyal fanbase and increase your reach on the app. However, you may need a social proof to make more people dedicated to you. Think of buying a few Instagram likes from Socialsgrow if you are just getting started on the platform.
  6. Use Instagram Reels: Instagram Reels is a new feature that allows you to create short, entertaining videos. Use Reels to make relaxing videos highlighting the products in a imaginative and entertaining way. Use music, special effects, and text to make your Reels stand out.
  7. Run Instagram ads: Running Instagram ads is the best way to reach a target audience and increase likes on Insta. You can create ads that showcase your products, promote your profile, or encourage people to follow your account.

Social Proof
However, you need to be awarned that an account with a high number of Instagram likes, fans, and comments is likely to attract more people and increase the subscription rate for a few reasons. 

Firstly, when people come across an account that has a large following and high engagement rate, it gives the impression that the profile is reputable and worth following. It creates a sense of social proof and makes the page seem more popular and trustworthy. 

Secondly, high engagement rates and a significant number of Instagram likes indicate that the content posted on the account is exciting and engaging. This can entice people to subscribe to the account so they don’t miss out on future posts. 

Additionally, a high number of likes on Instagram, followers, and comments can lead to increased visibility on the platform, which can attract even more people to the account. Overall, having a large and engaged following can help increase the visibility and credibility of an account, leading to more subscribers and a larger audience.

These are just a few tips from me on how to gain Instagram likes for your corporate profile of an e-commerce business. Remember, it takes time and effort to build a following on Instagram, but with the right strategy, you can increase engagement and reach a wider audience.




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Great tips for boosting Instagram likes! Consistent posting, engaging with followers, and using features like Stories and Reels are key. Also, considering social proof with platforms like Socialsgrow can help jumpstart growth. Thanks for sharing!

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I appreciate your insights on gaining Instagram likes for a corporate e-commerce profile. Your tips, especially focusing on high-quality visuals, relevant hashtags, consistent posting, and engagement with the audience, are spot-on. These strategies can indeed contribute to building a strong and engaged community on Instagram.

The mention of using Instagram highlights, stories, reels, and running ads is particularly valuable, showcasing the diverse features the platform offers for promoting products and engaging with the audience.

Your emphasis on social proof and the potential benefits of having a high number of likes, followers, and comments is insightful. Establishing credibility and trust through a reputable and engaging profile is undoubtedly crucial in the competitive landscape of social media.

Thank you for highlighting the importance of time and effort in building a following. It’s a gradual process, but with a thoughtful strategy, it’s possible to enhance engagement and expand the reach of an e-commerce business on Instagram.

If you have any more insights or questions, feel free to share. I wish you continued success with your e-commerce endeavors on Instagram!

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Instagram Thunder offers features like auto-liking, commenting, and following, which can significantly boost engagement and interactions on your Instagram account. By automatically engaging with relevant content and users, you can attract attention and encourage others to interact with your posts. Increased engagement can lead to a higher number of likes, comments, and shares, thus expanding your reach and influence blog.




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