How to start a narrative essay in English

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Friends I have a problem, I don’t know how to start a narrative essay in English. Please advise, any tips, maybe links to ready-made examples would be helpful.


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Hi Lewis! There’s really nothing complicated here, I’ll try to explain it to you.

A “narrative essay” is also called a “reflective essay” because the writer is describing something important to him or her. A narrative essay can also be an account of something that has happened to the writer. You can write about anything you want to write about, and for a narrative essay, there is no limit to the topic. Most narrative essays are written in the first person, and the narrative can be written about something that happened to someone else, as you observed or understood it. You will always find good examples on the website of writemypapers4me, they specialise in writing such papers. A narrative essay will engage your readers in a personal experience or personal point of view.

Decide on a theme or central idea for your narrative essay. The topic can be anything you choose to write about. In general, outline a personal experience or observation that reflects something important and true about your life. The introductory paragraph should let the reader know that this essay is a narrative. Start your narrative essay with ‘I’ and then tell the reader what the essay is about. For example, “I went to Spain as an exchange student in 2016” would be a good way to start a narrative essay about an important travel experience.

Use detail and descriptive language in your essay. Your narrative should excite your readers’ imagination and hold their interest. Describe what things smelled like, what they looked like, and how you felt when you wrote about these experiences. Tell the reader in detail about the appearance and behaviour of the other characters in your narrative. Answer the following questions: Who did the event happen to? Where did the event occur? When did the event occur?

Use anecdotes about people in your narrative essay. If possible, avoid using platitudes or clichés. Anecdotes can help the reader understand “why” the characters in your narrative behave the way you describe them.

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