Instructional designers for an online training company

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tommyfreed RobertNeil answered

Where should I look for instructional designers for an online training company?

AmandaTWall AmandaTWall answered

Have you tried to search for it on google search?

justcaballe justcaballe answered

What is this instructional design companies for? You could have explained it first. I am looking for interior desiner that will help me with floor plan drawing in AutoCad. Can they help me with that?

thomasmore thomasmore answered

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pradnyamaske pradnyamaske answered

The answer depends on your location and the subject matter which you need training developed for. If you want to develop a level 1 Interactive course you can go with any freelancer or company who provides Level 1 interactive courses? You can find them on Google or any freelancing websites.

Instructional design becomes very complex when it comes to level 2 & level 3 Interactivity, here you will require a specialist in the field where I won’t suggest you to go with a freelancer. Rather hiring the best in the market Instructional design Company would be great option for you.




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