Is there any other product or software that Paradiso offers in the market?

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Will Philips gregoryhutchison answered

We already know that Paradiso has many LMS features, but, it won’t be great to know some different product with this good software solution team?

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As you know Paradiso’s principal product is LMS, but now it has several offers related to eLearning and training management. One of this tool, that is actually new, is the Project Management System, great to work with a team and have everything under control.

Another service offered by Paradiso is the course creation which is associated with the LMS, but it is a different service. With it, you can have an expertise on your hand to make the really hard job on your LMS. It has different levels and integrations that you can choose according to your needs.

The managed LMS services are other of the offer by Paradiso. In this case, you can have someone with the platform knowledge to administrate your courses, guide your information to the right place and get the right answer by your trainees.

A bonus is a competency-based tool, which is a feature that helps your employee to be more efficient in the course, have the right information on time. On the blog, you will find a video that explains why it is so important and why to take in the count.

I suggest you get in contact with a Paradiso representative to enlarge the information and talk with a person working with the best LMS in the market.




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