Is there any process for Custom Course Creation?

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Mark Smith AKRATI SRIVASTAVA answered

Properly explain the process of custom course creation


Let me explain our simple 5 step custom elearning course development process, to give you an overview of how the course creation service works.
The course creation service conducts a thorough analysis of your content by understanding your requirement, reviewing your current material and content. Once this is done a proposal is submitted, after which we move to the next step of course creation.
After analysis is complete, we move on to the next step in the course creation process, which is design. This is where the course creation service builds learner objectives, grading systems, authoring scripts and storyboards. The overall aesthetics of your e-learning course are developed at this stage.
The next step is the development of the course where the animated and interactive elements are added to the course, the voice overs are done and the courses are packaged or bundled as per relevant requirements.
We know that reviews and feedback are essential components of any successful endeavor. This brings us to the review step of the course creation process. Our course creation service carries out a test run of the course and takes into account not only internal expert reviews but feedback from the clients as well. After this the feedback is addressed and any changed deemed necessary by the client are carried out at this stage.
Once the course has been satisfactorily created, it is time for the final step in the course creation process; deployment. This step involves the course creation service carrying out custom branding per the client’s brand requirement, setting up the site and finally, the activation of the course, post which the course will be available for access to the learners.




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