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tommyfreed tangerinewinged answered

How do you make online courses as interactive as possible?

thomasmore thomasmore answered

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tangerinewinged tangerinewinged answered

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boystrong1002 boystrong1002 answered

Hello, in my opinion, using images and videos is the most effective way flagle, if possible, you can also use audio, dear!

davisjohn davisjohn answered

One of the best ways to make online courses interactive is to use video. Video is a great way to engage your audience, weaver game and make them feel involved in the course. It also makes it easier for students to follow along and take notes.

hurtfulclutter hurtfulclutter answered

No, the beauty of Salesforce LMS lies in its SSO (Single Sign On) feature. There will be no need for a separate login. There will be a tab on the Salesforce dashboard that’ll take your learners directly to the geometry dash group.

Hence, all those errors of lost/incorrect credentials will be reduced to a minimum.




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