Selection criteria in the LMS vendor scorecard

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What is the selection criteria in the LMS vendor scorecard evaluation?

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The support provided by each LMS varies. Even if it’s just a FAQ on the website. Find an option that provides the services you need to improve functionality and ROI. Among other things, they offer one-on-one phone support and a strong social media presence. You can’t afford to buy their product. To help you get the most from the system, you’ll need advanced support services. Consider joining a social media support group. Is the LMS vendor responsive and responsive to the comments of their followers? What if their last post was a month ago, with no response from the company to questions and concerns from customers? pacman 30th anniversary

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Is the LMS vendor responsive and responsive to the comments of their followers? What if their last post was a month ago,

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The criteria below will help you in analyzing and comparing core features and functionalities offered by potential LMS vendors.


  1. SCORM Compliant LMS
  2. GDPR compliant
  3. HIPAA Compliant LMS


  1. Multi linguistic
  2. Multi-tenancy
  3. LMS Gamification
  4. Social Learning
  5. Mobile learning
  6. Advanced tracking and reporting


  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Customer support services
  • Pricing model
  • Free trials, demo, and consultations

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