The Dangers of Ignoring Encrypted Email in Your Business

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The Dangers of Ignoring Encrypted Email in Your Business
Email encryption uses algorithms to scramble message content so it cannot be read without an encryption key, providing cybercriminals easy access to sensitive data like login credentials, personal details and intellectual property.

Email security measures such as transit encryption and end-to-end encryption play crucial roles in safeguarding against the potential dangers of emails containing sensitive HIPAA information reaching unintended recipients, thereby averting fines and reputational damage for businesses. Implementing proactive measures like transit encryption, available through platforms like, enables businesses to effectively mitigate these risks.
1. Spam
Email has long been one of the primary means of business communication; however, it can also be an extremely dangerous tool in the hands of cybercriminals. When employees send sensitive or legally mandated data via an unencrypted email account, their sensitive data could fall into criminal hands and cause irreparable damage.

Unwanted emails that contain marketing content or malicious software (malware) are known as spam and can be more than just irritating clutter in your inbox – they may spread malware(new window) and lead to phishing attacks(new window).

Some telltale signs of spam include spelling or grammar errors, unsuitable topics and links or attachments from spam that lead you to download malware that turns your computer into an attacker-controlled botnet(new window).
2. Viruses
Many phishing attacks involve links or attachments containing malware, which can cause significant harm by encrypting data and demanding ransom payments, stealing sensitive information, and transmitting it back to remote servers.

Attackers commonly conceal malware or scripts within seemingly harmless files, like archives (ZIP and RAR) and PDFs. Email attachments that request recipients enable macros – which disable safeguards in programs like Microsoft Word and Excel – may also contain dangerous code, while attackers might bury malicious code within file extensions unlikely to trigger it such as images or videos files.

Unencrypted email, unlike encrypted communications, uses plaintext protocols and may be intercepted during transmission. Furthermore, viruses could infiltrate endpoint devices and allow cybercriminals to gain entry to an organization’s network by hijacking devices and infecting endpoint devices with viruses.
3. Hackers
Email has long been one of the go-to digital communication tools, making it a prime target for cybercriminals and their schemes to access sensitive information. Phishing attempts, malware delivery – hackers are constantly looking for any way to gain entry to personal or confidential data.

Hackers that gain access to an employee’s email can read all messages, including any attachments. In certain instances, they may even be able to intercept encrypted emails as well.

Transport Layer Security (TLS), also known as end-to-end encryption, provides email encryption solutions that offer maximum protection during both transit and storage on employee devices. Unfortunately, even with such advanced technology in place, hackers may still gain access to emails by stealing an employee’s decryption key – this practice is known as Business Email Compromise, or BEC.
4. Damaged Reputation
Email has long been used as a form of business communications. Unfortunately, unencrypted emails can be read by anyone with access to their devices or computers – leading to sensitive data being shared without your knowledge and possibly impacting the reputation and credibility of your company.

One bad interaction, disgruntled employee or even phishing hack can wreak havoc with your brand and its credibility, severely denting customer acquisition, sales growth and capital raise efforts. Recovering from such damage may prove challenging; lasting effects could include reduced customer acquisition rates and sales growth or capital raise success.

Emails that are marked as spam can severely compromise your sender reputation and deliverability, possibly leading to blacklisting which can be difficult and expensive to recover from.
5. Data Breaches
Email encryption protects sensitive information from being intercepted and misused while it travels from sender to recipient; however, hackers and scammers could still intercept and read it, especially if its To: and From: fields contain personal or sensitive data.

Data breaches are a serious threat for any organization. They can result in disruption, lost revenue and negative customer relations – not to mention expensive fines from data regulators.

If your company experiences a data breach, take swift action to notify those impacted and collaborate with a forensic team to identify its cause and implement remediation steps. Inquire as to whether an official law enforcement investigation will be needed as well as seek legal advice regarding your notification obligations.

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Ignoring email encryption can expose your business to serious risks:

Spam: Unencrypted emails can spread malware and lead to phishing attacks.
Viruses: Malicious attachments can steal data and damage your network.
Hackers: Cybercriminals can intercept unencrypted emails, and access sensitive information.
Damaged Reputation: Data leaks can tarnish your company’s credibility, affecting customer trust and sales.
Data Breaches: Breaches result in lost revenue, operational disruption, and hefty fines.
To protect your business, use email encryption services like Beeble and enhance secure sales boost with tools like Zaplify. Encrypting emails is essential for safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining your business’s integrity.

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Ignoring encrypted email in your business poses significant risks to confidentiality and data security, making it crucial to leverage tools like Outlook email encryption to safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access or interception.

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