Trading is difficult

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Hey everyone!

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into trading for a few months now. Decided it’s time to move from thinking to doing, but here’s the catch – I’m completely lost in information out there. I want to learn how to trade both Forex and Bitcoin, but finding quality courses seems to be a big question mark. Either this or that is offered, and duration is very unfair, considering the cost. Hate it!

Has anyone had any PERSONAL experience about something truly worthwhile? What’s crucial for me is practical knowledge, not just memorizing theory but learning from real-life examples. PLEASE, don’t tell me anything that your overlooked or overheard. I am interested ONLY IN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!!! I am so tired of empty promises…

Any personal stories, experience, failures and success are highly welcome.

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AmusedAvocado AmusedAvocado answered

I’m really bummed to hear that your trading journey started off on such a rocky note. But I get where you’re coming from. Been in your shoes once myself. Felt just as lost and helpless. Everyone kept saying how essential it was to get trained in trading, to have a mentor. But to me, that always seemed like a bunch of baloney. Thought I could handle it on my own. But boy, I was so wrong! I could only dedicate an hour a day to investing, taking into consideration I have 3 kids and zero time for myself. So, one day, I was surfing the web again and stumbled upon information on Thomas Kralow | Trading Coach | Udemy and clicked on it.  Suddenly recalled all the advice about coaching. Thought, why not, after all??? 😁And guess what? Signed up for a free webinar. And then it hit me, Thomas Kralow’s trading courses were exactly what I needed! They wouldn’t just leave me stranded with my questions in the middle of nowhere like a blind kitten, especially when time is so scarce. And they didn’t. They helped me out. Can’t exactly pin down what won me over. Maybe it’s how humbly Thomas presents himself. After all, he’s achieved so much more and knows a lot of things. And he structured the education so there are no blind spots left. His educational program prepped me well for going solo. I’m glad I made the right call. Even Thomas says he’s not self-taught. I share his view. If I hadn’t found his educational programs, I’d still be sitting here, dreaming of someday becoming a successful investor. In another life, most likely. Huge heartfelt thanks to him!❤

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