What are couple of questions that I should ask before buying an HRIS system

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Looking for a HRIS system, but I want know what are some of the questions then one should ask before buying an HRIS System

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  1. Who Delivers HRIS Training?

If a vendor is going to be paid to help train employees on using a new HRIS, it is important to ask who exactly will be doing the training. Some vendors hire third parties to help with training, rather than actually sending staff to train companies. When a third party is used, training may be less effective, so companies should be able to research the company that will be providing training prior to purchasing a new HRIS.

  1. How Secure Is Employee Data?

HRIS can store highly sensitive information such as employee’s social security numbers, health data, background check results, and bank account information. If a data breach occurs, it can be costly for the organization and the employees and may compromise the trust that employees and customers have in the organization. Security features of an HRIS and vendor training for security awareness should be discussed in depth prior to purchasing an HRIS.

   3.How Easy Is the System To Integrate?

Many companies have a few different systems that may be used to store supporting documentation for employee files, payroll information, and other information. While it may be possible to condense all of these systems down to one in the future, it is helpful for companies to understand whether HRIS can be smoothly integrated with the existing systems to speed implementation. Having to manually input all data from other systems into a new HRIS can seriously impact a company’s operations.




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