What are Paradiso LRS features?

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Paradiso LRS

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Features of Paradiso LRS

  • Tin Can Api – SCORM evolved
  • The LRS – Tin Can’s best friend
  • Track learning on and offline
  • Social Learning expanded
  • Build an accurate picture of learner progress

For More please visit : https://www.paradisosolutions.com/lms-lrs

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Paradiso Solutions is a new eLearning service provider that offers eLearning solutions to businesses all around the world. We make every effort to meet your business needs and provide you with a highly lego 2k drive personalized experience.

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The Meanwell LRS-350 honeycomb source’s high efficiency (up to 88%) and metal mesh design both contribute to the product’s bitlife improved heat dissipation, allowing you to rest easily. Without fan support, the center is operated in temperatures ranging from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius.

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