What is the best white-label LMS to use when providing blended learning solutions to clients?

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Mark Smith justcaballe answered

Best white label LMS

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It is amazing that this site has information on colleges around the globe. I have recommended many people to visit https://www.downtownbrooklyncollegesfest.com/. And they have been thank ful.

justcaballe justcaballe answered

I don’t think so. They are perhaps not interested in language skills and British English in particular. Tell me, what kind of vocabulary will you need. You must realize that there is a huge gap between Oxford English and cockney, for instance. So I recommend you to find a British English tutor and outline your goals straight away.

thepanteon thepanteon answered

I am going to live in Britain for a while. And I need to find an LMS for learning of specifically British English. Do you think you can help me with it?

emmascarlett emmascarlett answered

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