Difference between ILT and Vilt

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What is the difference between ILT and Vilt?

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I am also trying to find the difference between them.



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Let me clarify this one, there is very thin layer difference between Virtual instructor led training & eLearning. But understanding their differences will help companies blend the two models for optimized learning experiences. VILT and eLearning are online educational forums that companies have been successfully using for decades to reduce costs and improve learning and development outcomes. They both have an important place in corporate, online learning and they do share similarities. So, lets dig in the difference between them-

VILT is characterized as a synchronous event that allows participants to connect to an instructor from anywhere in the world. It includes interaction and discussion between instructors and participants and between the participants themselves. With VILT, you essentially recreate the live classroom virtually, with an instructor facilitating the program and responding to participants needs. If a live classroom setting is not possible, VILT is commonly seen as the second-best arrangement for more in-depth training.

eLearning is more of a transfer of information online. Though it can also be extremely effective, it does not include the two-dimensional experience of interacting with an instructor directly in real-time. Courses and training programs are typically hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) and participants work through material on their own time. eLearning is usually focused on specific topics or to satisfy a single purpose and is most effective that way. Although interaction is certainly possible and encouraged, eLearning limits the ability to ask questions and discuss topics in real-time.

Hope it helped you to get a clear view on their differences. Some companies like Paradiso Solutions provide a perfect blend of both Virtual led instructor software & eLearning in one software to experience the best of both worlds.




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