What wedding service packages do organizers offer in Georgia?

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Hi all! I have always had a dream of getting married in the breathtaking mountains of Georgia. Can anyone provide me with information about wedding packages available in mountain regions like Kazbegi or Svaneti? I am particularly interested in learning about the different packages offered by wedding planners or event venues in these areas. Are services such as hall decoration, photography, catering and guest accommodation included? I would really appreciate any ideas or information you can share!

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Wedding service packages in Georgia range from intimate ceremonies amidst picturesque vineyards to lavish affairs in historic venues. Couples can expect bespoke planning tailored to their dreams, with offerings including venue selection, decor arrangements, and catering services. For those seeking destination weddings, Eventsbymala, the renowned wedding consultant in Tuscany, Italy, brings unparalleled expertise in curating unforgettable experiences amidst the enchanting landscapes of Italy’s countryside.

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You should also consider balloons decorations.

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