What’re your thoughts and opinions on the Drupal’s Opigno LMS module?

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Will Philips Mark Smith answered

The Drupal integration is great and many companies and governments use it as the booster for their ends.

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

I consider that Opigno LMS module Drupal is an excellent proposal to manage the information in a multiplatform offer. I agree with the comment about consider some other options in your research. It’s because Drupal can be more useful as integration in a platform and the possibility of expanding the user experience with some other features is open.

Drupal integration is even more powerful when you try to create user interphase with different options and proposes. I am agreeing when you try to create an LMS with several integrations, that way the user possibilities became higher, as much as the platform improvement.

What I’m saying is that Opigno is good, and in many cases, it full fills the proposes that the users need, but you can improve better the situation with a powerful platform without limits in just one company.




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