Which is the best LMS that support e-commerce?

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Mark Smith namemil answered

The e-commerce integration is a great option for offering the courses around the world, is there another option or best integrated LMS for this?

zakbrooks zakbrooks answered

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namemil namemil answered

Thank you for giving this useful information. Like my bob the robber website, your website is fantastic. The abundance of information on this website astounded me.

Will Philips Will Philips answered

The e-commerce integration is one of the main features that you should care about when we are talking about a learning platform. This kind of features allows the people to get easily your courses, same as helps you to improve the platform performance as an easy and accessible source.

I recommend you to look for a flexible and highly integrated LMS with the possibility of connection with some e-commerce platforms. In my experience, Paradiso LMS is an option that answers your question. The possibilities of this LMS are limited by your ideas and your needs and your own solicitudes.

The offer of this platform focus in integrating the feature that you want, obviously, depending on the complexity it will be higher or not the platform cost. By the way, solving your question I suggest to read this blog about e-commerce, there you will find very useful information related to the topic. It will give you a hand understanding the importance of e-commerce in the course creation and course sharing.

Finally, the possibilities in many platforms are limited by the same platform, sometimes they only allow to connect with one sales provider option. That’s why you should first select your goals and clarify which is the integrations, archives, and options that you want to offer to your trainee, next choose the best LMS plat to fit your need. Remember, every company or course requires a singular platform.

ErvinSmith ErvinSmith answered

It seems to me that for e-commerce, apps and sites developed on the magento platform are best suited. Anyway, I never have problems with this platform. It’s a flexible platform, recently I needed to search product by name and I just bought a plugin from amasty for magento and installed it with the help of the developers of this company. 




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