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Paradiso Custom LMS – Why Opt For Us

Every Company is Different

At Paradiso Solutions, we understand that companies’ needs vary widely, and that no two companies are alike. For this reason, we have worked to ensure that Paradiso LMS serves as a fully customizable learning management system, which can be tailor-made to fit your exact business needs.


We work closely with your company to identify your requirements, from the number of users, to how you want your branding set up, to whether you want your custom LMS to integrate with popular applications to push it up a notch.


The key to our approach is flexibility. We want to understand you and show you how your custom learning management system can be shaped to your needs, and how custom eLearning solution could be the key to unlocking the potential of your staff and stakeholders.

Below are some of the main custom lms features we offer with Paradiso LMS

Easy to Use employee customer partner Platform

Customizable UI

As well as branding and color, Paradiso custom learning management system gives organizations the ability to change the layout of the user interface through the “Lego system”, where the different blocks of the UI can be dragged and dropped wherever you want them.

Custom Branding LMS

In Paradiso LMS you can upload your own logo and branding to your custom LMS. Change the look and feel of your custom LMS by changing the color and design.

Custom Branding
Multi Tenancy


Multi Tenancy or extended enterprise further develops the potential for LMS customization by allowing organizations to create separate versions of the LMS – each with their own unique branding, customizations and color scheme – under one LMS instance. This is perfect for channel partners, vendors or different departments.

Learning Paths

With Paradiso LMS instructors can create learning paths that can be personalized for each elearner. This way the course material is relevant to each learner and they don’t waste time on things which don’t apply to them.

eCommerce elearning training platform
Create Detailed Reports

Fully Customizable Reports

With Paradiso LMS you have the freedom to customize your reports in any way you like, covering just one, several or all tenants.

100+ Integrations

Increase the power of your custom learning management system even further through a range of integrations that can make designing and delivering e-learning even easier and more fun. Paradiso LMS integrates with CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, eCommerce such as WooCommerce and Magento and group collaboration tools like SharePoint and Adobe Connect.

integrations cien mas

Badges and Certifications

With Paradiso LMS your own custom badges can be easily uploaded so that rewards for hard work or achievement are personalised. Likewise company certifications can be customized to include your branding.

Our Learning Management System Integrates With

salesforce lms
microsoft dynamics crm lms
Sugar crm lms
magento lms
woocommerce lms
drupal commercelms
shopify lms
quickbooks lms
Drupal lms
wordpress lms
sharepoint lms
linkedin lms
google appslam
zendesk lms
peoplesoft lms
dropbox lms
webex lms

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