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Paradiso LMS - More than just an LMS

The industry’s best and easiest LMS just got better and easier. Anybody beat that? We’ve come up with a whole new look that has an improved UI that packs in a cleaner and more colorful interface. This makes the LMS even simpler to navigate.

In addition, the LMS is equipped with better reporting tools that’ll focus on conciseness, strategic relevance and future orientation. The goodness doesn’t end here, Paradiso LMS provides real-time analytics that provides up-to-date information about the progress of the users and presents it via advanced reporting tools. The best part? Paradiso LMS integrates seamlessly with some of the premium software portals that streamlines workflow for the users.

What Sets Paradiso LMS Apart

Learning management system

Easy to Use

Paradiso LMS is much easier to use than its counterparts, and has been redesigned with e-learners in mind. It is a responsive UI so will work on any device. It goes without the hassle that goes with big clunky systems. You get to create elearning courses that are fun and effective with our easy to use LMS.
LMS in education

Hosting and Support

Paradiso LMS comes with on-demand technical support as standard with each license. To make sure you’re getting the most from your LMS investment, we offer a variety of hosting and support plans to suit your specific needs. We also will make sure that the LMS runs smoothly on our servers, while being safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else!
LMS in education
Learning Paths elearning training platform

24/7 Security and Monitoring

We ensure your LMS is secure and monitored, 24 hours a day. Access to our LMS is limited to connecting only through a secure connection. This ensures all the data exchanged between the LMS servers and the User’s PCs is securely encrypted. To achieve this, we make the use of SSL/HTTPS connection. Once SSL is implemented, HTTPS is enabled and the connection gets secured via a wildcard certificate, issued by a reliable third-party certification authority.
eCommerce elearning training platform

eCommerce Integration

Boost your revenue by selling courses online. Our eCommerce integration with Shopify, PayPal, WooCommerce, Magento and other applications means your partners or other potential buyers can browse and purchase quickly and easily. It enables the learners to also purchase the courses individually or in bundles. The best part? We provide seamless integration with leading payment gateways to provide a secure and easy to use shopping cart experience to your customers.
eCommerce elearning training platform
Multi Tenant LMS


Multi-tenancy allows different versions of the LMS to be run by various departments, schools or partner organizations, each with unique rules, branding and customizations. As a business organisation, you can deploy a multi-tenant architecture to enable your clients or partners to access their own unique learning content, visible only to themselves. Our LMS can host a large number of tenants within a single instance of the LMS software.
Advanced reporting in LMS

Advanced Reporting

With Paradiso LMS you can create detailed custom reports using the advanced reporting tool. It gives you a much clearer insight into the success of your training. This eventually helps prove the impact of your training and learning programs and gain more control over the data. It also helps the LMS admin create unique reports with ad hoc analysis, while giving access to interactive executive dashboards for real-time insights. The reporting tool also showcases achievements with on-demand report scheduler.
Advanced reporting in LMS
performance management in LMS

Performance Management

Easily track and monitor e-learner progress through customizable learning paths and Paradiso LMS’s advanced reporting function. Paradiso LMS assists in carrying out performance management of employees, based on their past job performance, future job expectations and career development opportunities. It helps in carrying out this process not at only a single time of the year; but by making it a continuous process throughout the year.
Feedback in LMS

360° Feedback

Paradiso LMS’s 360° feedback feature helps to build an even better overall picture of the e-learner, allowing administrators to gauge progress through structured feedback from the e-learner’s peers. When implemented with care and training, 360° feedback helps enable the employees to serve the organization better, while develop their own careers. It definitely proves to be a positive addition to your performance management system.
Feedback in LMS
Gamification in elearning


Gamification helps to increase learner engagement by creating learning scenarios based on playing games. The competitive element means learning becomes fun and dynamic with the inclusion of leader boards, a points system and badges. Gamification is all about amplifying the effect of the existing, core e-learning experience by applying the motivational techniques that make games engaging.
LLearning Paths in LMS

Learning Paths

Learning paths give the administrator the ability to choose what courses e-learners can take, and in what specific order. This way the e-learner progressively builds on relevant knowledge and strives to reach towards a specific goal. The LMS admin could customize learning paths for individuals or user groups. Learners can access the next courses only after the completion of previous courses or materials set in his learning path. When assigned a learning path, users can only access content assigned to their designated path.
Learning Paths in LMS
Online authoring tool

Paradiso Composer

Paradiso Composer is our online authoring tool which can be used to easily and efficiently create reusable (and sellable!) e-Learning courses. It is simple and easy to use, and requires absolutely no prior programming experience. You could start designing SCORM-compliant elearning courses from the word go, with complete HTML5 support, that can be used across several platforms and reused. Paradiso Composer is responsive while it creates content that is responsive too. Meaning, you can start working on your laptop, continue on your smartphone and finish on your tablet.
social learning in lms

Social Learning

Learning through social interactions and scenarios is the future of elearning. It recognizes that learning can take place outside the classroom, and that the learning process extends to watching relevant videos, reading articles and contributing to discussions. Due to increased awareness on social learning, organizations are adopting the idea of social learning rapidly, while trying to make it more feasible and measurable.
social learning in lms
course library in lms

Course Library

Take advantage of over 5000 online courses, from anti-harassment to communication to sales. These courses are free to use on top of any courses you create yourselves. Paradiso’s course library offers a variety of excellent quality online training courses to companies across the globe. Our catalogue of courses greatly enhances the training process in most companies.
single sign on in LMS

Single Sign On (SSO)

SSO enables LMS users to seamlessly switch between integrated applications and their LMS, only having to log in once with one set of credentials. The users get one-click access to all their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. SSO authentication also facilitates seamless network resource usage. Single sign-on reduces human error, a major component of systems failure and is therefore a highly desirable feature with the LMS nowadays.
single sign on in LMS
LMS integrations

100+ Integrations

Paradiso LMS integrates with well-known CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM, eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Magento, productivity tools such as Google Apps and with collaborative tools like SharePoint and Dropbox, plus many, many more.
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