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What is Gamification

In a nutshell gamification is the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications. It’s an action-reward system that captures people’s attention and increases engagement. In the eLearning world, gamification is the use of game mechanics to ‘gamify’ content that engages and entices users by encouraging and rewarding use.


Integrating Game Design in E-Learning through LMS Gamification

The application of game design in e-learning can help educators enhance courses. In the educational sector, gamification has been used in order to efficiently engage with the students. In todays digital age, gamification can be easily applied to learning management systems.


Gamification LMS

Some of the most commonly used gamification features today include quests, badges, points and rewards, social media sharing, and leaderboards. Course content and resources may be shared with the students as a part of a quest. A storyline may be developed in order to gamify even the release of resources. The educators or the site administrator can assign different restricted access settings for each user whenever quests get completed. Content or information that requires the completion of certain tasks, for example, can be hidden and revealed through the restricted access settings.

Conditional activities can also allow each student to proceed differently through the course. Different score ranges can branch off to activities of different difficulty levels.

Other activities may also include group work. Groups or guilds, for example, can be formed in order to get students to work together.

Typical grading can be replaced with an alternative rewards system. The system can even take note of the skills and attitude of the students, and not just their grades.

The leaderboards or scoreboards, for example, can display the highest scores as well as the immediate higher and lower scores of direct competitors. Through games, challenges and other social tools can be implemented.

Each game or activity can be assigned points. These course completion activities as well as the grades of the students can be used to create an overall ranking.

The leaderboards can be used for competitions. At the end of the course, the overall scores may be tallied and the educator may even opt to give out a prize. Such strategies can foster healthy competition.


What are the benefits of Gamification?

Gamification can motivate students. By integrating game design into the curriculum, educators can easily catch and keep the attention of students.

With the use of challenges, quests, boss levels and even dungeons, the course activities can be turned into something fun and engaging. These activities can help in effectively imparting knowledge to the students, and achieving the goals of the course.

After getting the attention of the users, a reward system can also further encourage students. Instead of using high marks or grades to motivate students to study for the course, the educators can provide alternative rewards such as badges, experience points and titles.

Gamification can allow students to set their own pace. With games, the students can be free to learn at their own pace. Games give them some opportunities to choose which tasks they want to do first depending on their current knowledge of the course content and their skills.

Gamification can facilitate collaborative work. The social tools can also encourage collaboration and feedback. Features such as discussion forums and video conferences can be taken advantage of.


Features of LMS Gamification

  • Badges
  • Games Modules
  • Points and Rewards
  • Leaderboard High Score
  • Leaderboard Direct competition (displays 2 next higher scores and 2 immediate lower scores)
  • Games developed in rapid elearning course builders such as Articulate and Captivate.
  • Social Media Sharing


Other Benefits of Gamification

  • Collaboration and Feedback
  • Activities that aim at gaining and holding students attention while they achieve the course’s goals.
  • Better reward system
  • Games provide a safe environment to fail
  • Implement challenges and more sociable tools

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