Robust and Advanced LMS Reports

Get all the insights you need with the best LMS Reports in the eLearning market. Personalize and organize them with the information and data about your users and courses!


Benefits of LMS Reports

With Paradiso LMS Reports you can build and get all the data and information required about your users, courses and system, letting you measure and improve your strategies to really achieve your eLearning goals.

One of the main benefits of Paradiso LMS reports is that they are really customizable. You can personalize the reports as you want and obtain the information you need. You can analyze the process of each of your users, or the success of your courses, create graphs, add the reports in the dashboard, download them or send them through email.

The eLearning Reports are an essential part of your LMS. They are built to make very easy for you to draw out information from all over your platform and to learn as much as you want from the interactions of your users with the platform and the courses.

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LMS Reports Categories

  • Courses type Reports: Analyze the success of your courses, get the courses overview, see the most popular courses and more.
  • Users type Reports: Keep track of the number of your users, user registration, your users overview and more.
  • System types Reports: Get detailed activity log, engagement analytics, live user traffic and more.
  • Performance Management type Reports: You can easily get the data about course completion, course progress summary, new registrans, individual user progress, among others.
  • All Reports: Find all the pre-made out of the box reports and all the reports you build.

Benefits of LMS Reports

In Paradiso LMS you can easily create the reports you required with just few steps. Here are some information that would help you define the LMS Reports:



The name you want for your report.



In the drop down menu, you will find the different categories in which you can place your report in.


SQL Report:

Enabling this option will allow you to have the report in SQL code. This option is for advanced users as it requires code knowledge.


Enable generate report button:

If you want your report to have the option to be able to be downloaded as a CSV file, it is necessary to enable this option.


Number of records per page:

You can choose the amount of records per page you want in your report from 1 to 100.


Show logged in user data:

Enabling this option will include the logged in user information.

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