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Open Source LMS

What is an Open Source Learning management system?

An LMS or Learning Management System has been one of the most essential tools for eLearning professionals to add interactivity and improve the learning process. When companies start looking for an LMS that can accommodate the Learning development needs, they find out that an open source LMS can serve the purpose. It is a good option if you want to start. It helps you create and deploy eLearning courses quickly, especially if you are willing to take the time to master all of its features.

An Open source learning management system has an open source code that you can use. You not only can just access it, you can modify the code to customize it exactly according to your learning requirements. Once you launch your LMS, you can deliver and manage your content, add the learners accordingly, track the progress and performance and get enough data and insights to keep evaluating the learning process. With online education or online training you can replace face-to-face sessions and add interactivity and dynamism to your courses. This would definitely let you increase retention, motivation and user engagement.


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Open Source LMS

Benefits of acquiring an Open Source LMS

An Open Source Learning Management System would help you start your digital transformation, bringing interactivity and accessibility to your courses or training programs. Other important benefits that you can start enjoying are:
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You can modify and personalize the LMS according with your requirements, branding and goals. With the support of eLearning developers you can build the LMS system as you wish.


Create and manage eLearning courses or training programs with all the activities, and content that you need to include.

Increase User retention:

Adding dynamic content and material can help you increase user motivation to finish their courses. Also, with gamification strategies or social learning, you can help learners to understand and memorize easier.


You and your learners can access the platform everywhere, any time. A mobile friendly LMS gives learners the ability to learn wherever they want, offline or online, at their convenience.

Implementation process

You can get greater control over the implementation process and the LMS data. The entire data security would lie with you and not in some random cloud.

Customer Data Retention

With an open source LMS, You have more control over what kind of data you collect from your learnes, but also can also ensure that the information is handled responsibly and securely

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Before Selecting an Open Source LMS

The first step before choosing an Open Source LMS is to set up the learning goals and budget, these things would help you make the best decision. On the other hand, it is important to create a list of pros or value added of the solution that you want, that way you can take advantage of the strengths and work on the weaknesses. We want to share with you our list of pros of an open source LMS. If you have questions about open source “LMSs” or are curious to see if they suit your needs, read on.
  • Ready to Use

Open source LMS is easy to get going from the word go. The best part? There is a wealth of “how to” documents and support tutorials provided to assist in the usage. The navigation is easy, so that the visitors could quickly find the information that interests them, without the potentially frustrating “hunt.”

  • Define your learning goals and needs

Open source LMS has a UI that is simple yet robust in terms of features and capabilities. Besides ease of use, the UI interface is friendly and logical. Usually open source LMS portray a familiar UI with interface elements acting in a certain way.

  • Provision of Instant Results

This LMS can provide instant feedback to the learners. If a learner has to take a test and is practicing for that, he can enter his responses to the questions, and the open source LMS will immediately tell him whether his response was correct or not. It goes a step further and also the potential reasons for a wrong answer.

  • Access to the Entire Code

Open source software gives the freedom of owning the entire source code. Code is that part of the software that is on the backend, and the users don’t ever get to see. It’s the programmers who can manipulate the code to change how the software looks on the front end. By bringing about changes in the code, you can improve the software by adding a few features to it or fixing parts that don’t always work correctly.

  • More Control on the Software

It is the best preferred option for many, as they have more control on what they want or don’t want from the software.

  • Could be customized based on your needs

With the help of programmers or developers you can modify the code and customize the platform based on your learning or training needs. Add the features and functionalities to take full advantage of the eLearning solution.

  • Easy access to support information

Even though an Open source LMS doesn’t have a dedicated team assigned to provide support or training to its users, documents are there out in the digital world, provided by the user and developer community. So you can access and get all the documentation you would need to have a great experience. The digital data available is updated daily and keeps abreast of the latest developments as they happen.

Save time and resources

Save time and resources

In Paradiso Solutions we offer one of the best open source LMS that takes your eLearning programs to the next level. Paradiso Open Source LMS is the game changer in the LMS market, as it parades some fantastic features like gamification , multi-tenancy, while supporting SCORM, Tin Can API and AICC compliance.
You can expect an LMS that is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. It is also cost-effective because we have extended the open-source platform to be specifically aligned to the needs of the workplace as well as academic learning.
For more specific insight into whether Paradiso LMS is right for your organization – just ask us!

LMS Integrates

Our E-Learning Management System Integrates With

LMS integration with salesforce
Microsoft dynamic integration with LMS
Sugar CRM integration with LMS
Magento integration with LMS
SharePoint integration to LMS
Lynda integration with LMS
Woo commerce integration with LMS
Drupal Commerce integration with LMS
Shopify Integration
Slack integration with LMS
PeopleSoft integration
Adobe Connect integration with LMS
SAPERP integration with LMS
Oracle ERP integration with LMS
Dropbox integration with LMS
Webex integration with LMS
Onelogin integration
Gotomeeting integration with LMS
Google Apps integration with LMS

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