Accepts any content that is SCORM-compliant,

to make it available to users of the LMS


Scorm Compliant Learning Management System

SCORM stands for ‘Sharable Content Object Reference Model’. It is a collection of standards that ensures content compatibility with a SCORM

compliant LMS, for example – Paradiso LMS. Course content on a SCORM LMS can be reused and uploaded on various SCORM compliant

software systems without any edits or modifications. In addition, data regarding user-activity, i.e. anything from user scores to whether

or not users have accessed the course content, is governed by a SCORM compliant LMS.

SCORM LMS Features

why scorm

Why a SCORM Compliant LMS?

One major benefit of a SCORM compliant LMS is that it makes reuse of course content feasible. This in turn improves the effectiveness of the training initiatives. In addition, SCORM LMS helps in classifying the learners that have taken/not taken the courses, completed the courses and identifying the areas where employees need improvement. In addition, you get the freedom to change or switch LMSs and all your content would play just perfect on the new LMS as well.


AICC helps facilitate communication between the course content and the learning management system (LMS). SCORM is all about creating elements of online training material that can be shared across systems. When your content is SCORM compliant, it’ll help in remaining durable as technology evolves. While on the other hand, it’ll enable you to access it, share it, and reuse it more easily. It also opens up many avenues i.e. the possible markets for you to sell your content.

Creating SCORM Compliant Courses

Creating SCORM Compliant Courses

Creating SCORM courses is quite simple. We have an in-house authoring tool, namely Paradiso Composer, that can create SCORM – compliant e-learning courses. Composer allows you to publish content in various SCORM formats. A published SCORM file is basically a Zip package that contains all the files that are essential to make elearning courses run on an LMS. These SCORM files are then uploaded on the LMS, making them usable for the learners. In fact at Paradiso, we make sure that the courses our client gets are already SCORM compliant, so that they can start using it from the word ‘go’.

Benefits of SCORM E learning

SCORM e learning makes the life of an e learning author easy by allowing the use of different course authoring software tools to create course content. This helps in saving the effort, time and money that gets spent on creating the course content. Also, the old elearning courses content can get reutilized, while the new and external content can be added to the LMS with a few clicks. The best part? Earn some additional profit by selling the SCORM compliant courses.

Benefits of SCORM E learning
SCORM Reporting

SCORM Reporting

The reporting system in a SCORM LMS is simply unparalleled. It’s more in-depth and detailed as the reports track the learner’s activity and progress on given course content. There are many types of reports that can be generated on the SCORM objects i.e the courses. Namely, participation reports, trend statistics, activity reports and many more. The reports can be of two types, either ‘run on demand’, or ‘scheduled to run automatically’ and the results can be viewed on-screen or downloaded as an excel or CSV.

We provide SCORM compliant learning management system for organisations that demand snappy results. Besides being SCORM compliant,
our system is designed to provide scalable solutions that meet your learning needs as well as the budget.

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