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What is the Virtual Classroom LMS Platform

Virtual Classroom Platform is Paradiso LMS’s built-in video conferencing tool. Open up the power of virtual collaboration in real time. Whether you are from the corporate or education sector this powerful tool gives learners and instructors the ability to communicate, collaborate and learn from wherever they are, and with whatever device they like.

LMS Platform

Key features we offer in a virtual classroom LMS Platform

  • Interactive WhiteBoard

A whiteboard is one of the most important organizing features in a classroom, whether offline or online. Paradiso presents you the Virtual Classroom LMS Platform service where you can write, annotate, explain, brainstorm, and collate ideas using a whiteboard. Our whiteboard feature is already integrated with the facilities that meet all your requirements. We make it more interactive to enhance the learning experience for users and provide editing and record facility. This interactive whiteboard can also be turned into a multiboard by the presenter at any instant which allows the members to interact with the whiteboard from their screen.
You won’t face any limitations while using whiteboards, it’s a daunting tool for the students and e-Learners. It also helps to create new opportunities and enhance the intellectual level of students at a different note.

  • Breakout Rooms

We dealt with the issue of privacy, Paradiso’s Breakout Rooms are enriched with the facilities like it provides a separate room or group enrolled with a number of users. There you can add random users related to your project and you can even chat, share audio, video, or any documents with them thoroughly. On the other hand, with the use of Breakout Rooms, the presenter can create as many groups as needed. This feature adds an extra qualification and professionalism in Virtual Classroom LMS Platform in the walk of business success.

On-Premise Virtual Classroom LMS Platform

Paradiso Meeting Now is also available as on-premise other than being a cloud-based virtual classroom platform, Whether you are from the corporate or education sector Paradiso has On-Premise Virtual Classroom Plarform too.

  • Multiple Status Options

To raise the bar of Virtual eLearning, Paradiso has introduced a very interesting feature in the format of Virtual Classroom LMS Platform. Our Multiple Status Options allows the users to react or set their status for each task separately. Suppose, in a meeting if any employee or team member encounters any issue so that he/she can put status and inform the responsible member, and the status itself can be seen by every participant. This feature provides the liberty to enhance interaction between the groups to resolve the problem at one shot.

  • Live Recording

Most virtual classrooms, nowadays, offer live recording features but the flip side is that recording happens on your device. This means it consumes your internet bandwidth and the quality of the live streaming more likely goes for a toss. Keeping this thought in mind Paradiso helps you with the advanced virtual classroom LMS Platform. It offers server-side recording capabilities that do not interfere with the live lecture streaming and the end-user experience. Rather the lecture is captured on the backend at the servers of your service provider and is available for viewing immediately after the class is over.

Sessions are broadcast in HD, and with Paradiso’s Virtual Classroom LMS Platform integration webinars or presentations can be recorded so they can be accessed later. The data that gets transferred between the two parties is done over a secure sockets layer (SSL) so that the data doesn’t get leaked. The files are stored with top-grade secured infrastructure.

  • Upload Presentation

Counting it in a different note, virtual meetings fairly depend on the presentation (Documents, audio, and videos). With Paradiso’s Virtual Classroom LMS Platform, we allow the user to upload or download the presentation data and the slides related to the projects accordingly. It enhances the engagement of employees and keeps them updated towards the respective projects.

  • Polling Option

Make your online class more engaging with polls and votes features within the virtual classroom LMS Platform tool. Here, you can create polls with yes/no or rating from 1-10 questions and let the users vote. The results can then be stored and viewed as pie-chart. The entire process is scrutinized by every user and they can make their decision on behalf of rating or public poll. It also shows the growth rate of each software participated and creates a positive ambiance of competition.

  • Shared Notes

Virtual Classroom LMS Platform solely based on the data shared in the form of audio, video, slides, or documents. We at Paradiso caters to you with the service to share data/notes in the confined atmosphere or to the other group publicly. You can easily track all the records and map the shared notes, although can be used at any instance.

  • Multiple Screen Sharing

Highly intuitive HD screen sharing which gives instructors the possibility to share their screens which can be easily switched between multiple screens. Paradiso’s conferencing tool also gives you the ability to select a screen area for sharing instead of the complete screen.

  • Group Chat

To enhance the connectivity within the employees and other teams member Virtual Classroom LMS Platform allows the user and its group to have a private or public chat consensually. The advancement of group chat provides the facility to share data and record or take screenshots of the conversation. In a group chat, users can divide the sections/groups according to the chores or projects and operate it accordingly.

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Virtual Classroom LMS Platform Nurturing the Education and Technology Sector

Paradiso Virtual classroom LMS Platform offers the opportunity to engage in learning and teaching while transcending physical boundaries. It offers a variety of tools and facilities that promote interactivity, collaboration, and enhanced learning. Virtual lessons can uplift the curriculum through supplementary or fully digitized learning.

We at Paradiso Solutions, offer a Virtual Classroom LMS Platform, which can assist our esteemed clients to create lasting teaching-learning experiences. Our Virtual Classroom LMS Platform is a built-in video conferencing tool that enhances communication efficiently. It provides clients with the power of virtual collaboration in real-time.

Suitable for clients from the corporate and education sector, this powerful tool enables learners and instructors to communicate, collaborate, and learn from any place and any time, using the device of their choice.

How Virtual Classroom LMS is making a difference?

While education is the backbone of a nation, educators are its builders. Knowledge distribution has always been considered as a noble cause. From history to present times, educators are regarded as quite an important part of the society. In the 21st century, learning through “virtual classrooms” has become a blessing for both the corporates and the education sector. With this there has been a rise in what one would call “modern” eLearning. The trainers and content providers connect with the trainee or corporate across the world through online platforms and create high quality content.

Virtual Classrooms allow the sharing of data in various formats – from basic documentation or learning courses to advanced audio/video presentations. This advancement in the corporate sector has changed the scenario of learning-from-home as well as seminars, webinars, and online meetings (presentations). One must have heard about using computers to teach kids when they can’t get to class; now technology is taking that to a whole new level and connecting classrooms, culture, offices, cities, and much more.

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LMS Platform

Additional Features of Virtual Classroom LMS Platform

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Collaborate How you Want

Whether for one-on-one lessons, presentations, or webinars, use the Virtual Classroom LMS Platform to connect with other students and instructors that would be otherwise inaccessible. It is definitely a better way to learn and collaborate. Paradiso LMS’ fully virtual eLearning solution delivers a level of engagement that gives the learners a feeling that they’re together in the same room.

E-Commerce Integration

Paradiso LMS integrates with all of the best-known e-commerce software – like WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify among others – allowing you to sell webinars and recorded classes online direct from your LMS. Integrations with major payment gateways already come out of the box. The shopping interface of your eCommerce store would be clean, intuitive, and easy to use, which translates into a better user experience. So you see, selling courses online was never so easy.

Embedded in your LMS

The web conferencing software is embedded in your LMS and works seamlessly to make the virtual classroom experience even better. You get to log in to your video conferencing portal through a single sign-on (SSO), which is the USP of our LMS. You don’t need to go elsewhere outside of your LMS for starting a video conference or sharing data.

Mobile Support

Access web conferencing software from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and broaden the learning environment to be as inclusive as possible. Our responsive LMS helps your learners learn on the go. Paradiso LMS on mobile is available for Android and iOS users, both and is available absolutely free of cost.


Easily set reminders for upcoming events by scheduling notifications through emails and calendar sync. You also get to add notifications like ‘raise hand’ for the attendees to ask their questions to the presenter. You get both audible and visual notifications, which can be enabled and disabled as per the requirement of the users.

Social Learning in the Virtual Classroom `

Take advantage of the benefits of social learning – instant messaging, quizzes, polling – to make the learning environment a more rewarding and engaging place to teach and learn. We tapped into the feature of social learning long before social media gathered popularity. It’s not just a sales sizzle feature but a very useful feature that enhances the productivity of teamwork.


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