Are there any LMS providers in India that support English as well as multiple Indian regional languages?

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Will Philips Alexander 11 answered

There are several companies with a lot of services and language providers. But some of them does not have a lot of compatibility on the platform and don’t allow a good user experience.

kleisui kleisui answered

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Miranda Lambert Miranda Lambert answered

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Alana56 Alana56 answered

I’ve been doing some research and I’m unable to find any provider that supports Indian regional languages. I have come across a few but most of them are too complicated for the users and don’t have the required functionalities. On the basis of essaygeeks review I am thinking to hire a professional individual for this specific task. Hopefully, he will manage to find what I am looking for.

Mark Smith Mark Smith answered

Sure there are many, on this blog you can find top eLearning companies in India for 2019. With this useful blog, you can see some important topics that make these companies stand on the top.
About the multiple language and Indian languages, the best option will be Paradiso LMS. With headquarters in India, US, and Colombia they provide an excellent support on time. As an international platform has more than 100 languages compatibility. About your specifical question, Paradiso has very qualified assistance and representatives in India.
So, I recommend you to have a look to the blog and then verify which company fits your need on this incredible search of eLearning!




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