SharePoint LMS

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SharePoint LMS

SharePoint LMS

  • Advanced LMS features within SharePoint
  • Integrated course authoring tool – Paradiso Composer
  • Real-time analytics to deliver a clear picture of the learner’s progress and the program’s effectiveness
  • Interactive video feature provides an immersive learning environment
  • Reporting feature highlights real-time competency and skill-gap analysis of the users
  • Centralized administration of SharePoint LMS in a rich collaborative environment
  • Instructor-led as well as self-study workflows in a well defined learning path
  • SCORM and AICC-compliant learning environment as well as the courses
SharePoint LMS Overview
  • Paradiso Composer, an in house course authoring tool, helps turn SCORM packages into full-fledged courses that can be viewed in Sharepoint as well as the LMS
  • Provision to define course front pages, specify course categories, learning goals and target audiences
  • The courses thus created can be extended to let the learner’s decide which are the courses that the learners can view and select
  • Interactive videos can be viewed within the LMS
  • Collaborative content management that makes uploading training material easier
  • Administering one simple quiz or rolling out a series of training modules, SharePoint Learning Management System takes it all
Course Creation
  • Setting of clear goals that connect the individual’s performance to the overall business
  • Identifying the learning needs/skill gaps or opportunities of the employees and likewise develop a learning plan
  • Helps ingrain the work culture of feedback and appraisals, while the reporting tools help transform the data collected into useful information
  • LMS helps in engaging your employees in achieving goals and development activities
  • Supporting a holistic 360 degree feedback and surveys
  • The development plans suggested automatically get translated into LMS activities
Performance Management
  • Automatically synchronize users between Active Directory and LMS – if a user is added to active directory then its get automatically added to LMS
  • When a user is added / deleted in AD then it gets automatically gets executed in the LMS
  • Ability to map user profile properties, for example – city, email, job title etc from the Active Directory to LMS
  • Enroll users to different learning paths or curriculums based on active directory user profile fields
  • Active directory will handle the sign-in process via SSO (single sign-on)
  • To enable AD users to log into LMS, they must be first provisioned into the LMS
  • The LMS admins get a simple step-by-step user interface to configure the integration with AD
Active Directory
  • Track and analyze the performance of every learning activity of individual learners or the groups
  • Download reports as excel, CSV or PDF
  • Run a ‘not-taken’ report, where you can click into any course and view the list of people who haven’t completed a given course
  • Similarly, custom reports like ‘progress of the entire audience’ or ‘tracking an individual’s progress’ can be run
  • Track the training requirement status of the learners
  • Run reports to gauge who is compliant or not compliant with their training requirements
  • Personal progress dashboards for the learners to track their own progress
  • Help learners retain information better, by adding the aspect of gamification in elearning
  • Leaderboards, coins, badges, trophies, points and much more help in making the process of learning fun
  • The points system can be tailored to align with your business objectives
  • Instructors can choose their own design and what they want to assign badges to – for example completing a course or a set of games
  • They can also start discussions, work together on joint challenges and send private messages to other learners within the LMS
  • Help your learners experience greater learner experience and independence
  • Almost all of the Microsoft SharePoint versions are supported. Both on-premise as well as cloud
  • The major versions supported are SharePoint online, Office 365, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016
  • If there is an upgrade to the SharePoint version, even then our LMS wouldn’t break because our integration uses standard API and has very little dependency on the SharePoint platform
  • SharePoint has evolved enormously, added new features and rebuilt others and we’ve with it we’ve made changes to the LMS continuously
  • We integrate with both, the cloud version (Office 365) and the On-Prem version of SharePoint
Sharepoint Versions

SharePoint LMS

Reinvent the way people work together!

With SharePoint LMS, we bring to you the effortlessness with which you can create, collaborate, share, organize and manage content created by SharePoint within the LMS. You can now deliver modern and effective training to the learners that they will find valuable. SharePoint LMS collaboration also gives you the option of real-time analytics and reporting that can deliver a clear picture of the learner’s progress and your training program’s effectiveness

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LMS Reports Categories

SharePoint LMS Features

Single Sign On (SSO) between SharePoint and LMS

Single Sign On (SSO) in SharePoint LMS is a feature where, if a user can log in to one application he will be automatically signed in to every other integrated application, regardless of the platform used by him. The users get one-click access to the LMS in the cloud from behind the firewall. Gone are the days when you needed to remember two different usernames or passwords for the same.

Single Sign On between SharePoint and LMS

User Synchronization

User Synchronization

Newly created users are automatically synced between the two platforms. So to speak of practicality, whenever there is an update of the user registries in any one of the platform, it automatically gets updated in the other platform. This feature of the SharePoint LMS plays a very important role in reducing the errors associated with manual entry of data into two portals.

Content Creation and Collaboration

Content created in SharePoint can be imported to Paradiso LMS and is fully editable from within the platform. Creating documents and other content items in SharePoint is as simple as using a web browser and collaborating the same content with the LMS is all the more undemanding. So to say, no matter the data structure of the document, SharePoint LMS alliance can handle it all.

Content Creation and Collaboration

LMS within SharePoint

LMS within SharePoint

Access your LMS within SharePoint, simply by clicking the LMS tab on your SharePoint dashboard. Yes, its that simple! You don’t have to leave your SharePoint instance to access the LMS. Simply click on the ‘Training Tab’ that gets generated as soon as the integration materializes and before you know it, you’ll be in your LMS portal.

What Differentiates our SharePoint LMS from the Crowd..?

Even if you decide to discontinue the use of SharePoint, you can still access all the courses and student data in LMS. All the student profile data is synced with Active directory, and also kept in the LMS database. Same happens with courses and course completion data. Hence, you are able to access LMS within SharePoint or outside of SharePoint. When you decide to move away from SharePoint to any other CMS, it is very easy to integrate with your new CMS, and all the course completion and rest of the data will stay as it is. We have designed our SharePoint LMS such that it is a seamless integration, but our LMS does not depend on SharePoint, however work smoothly with each other. That’s the beauty of our product and the differentiating factor as well.

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