Bow Enchantments

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loui986 sunflower36002 answered

Hi, here are my perceptions of the bow enchantments up to this point. I’m especially content with this update. Go ahead and add anything I have missed.

There are four enchantments I have noticed: Power, Punch, Infinity, and Flame

Power: Levels I, II, III, IV, and V
Expands force of the bow. With Power V, one-hit kills are exceptionally continuous.

Punch: Levels I, II, and III
Like knockback on a blade. Drives crowds away.

Limitlessness: Level I
Initially, I thought it expanded the scope of your bolts, yet it appears to make bolts limitless. For instance, on the off chance that you any bolts in your stock, you will actually want to fire, and your bolts will generally not vanish from your stock.

Fire: Level I
Your bolt is ablaze, and it sets elements ablaze on contact. I like this is on the grounds that it acts somewhat like a tracer round. It’s simpler to see where your shots go.

Additionally, I’ve seen charm tables are less arbitrary at this point. This fulfills me. Much obliged for perusing.

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