Car purchase?

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justcaballe sorzudimlu answered

What is better: hire a car with a driver or buy a car of your own? I am asking this on behalf of my wife, she is not a perfect driver, unfortunately. Tough dilemma.

famide famide answered

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davisjohn davisjohn answered

If your wife is not a confident or experienced driver, hiring a car with a driver might be a more suitable option. Having a professional driver can provide Amanda The Adventurer a sense of security and alleviate any stress or anxiety related to driving.

EleanorPerez EleanorPerez answered

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Liamstubb Liamstubb answered

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andreen andreen answered

If your wife is not a confident or experienced driver, hiring a car with a driver can provide a safer and more shell shockers comfortable option. It allows her to focus on other tasks or simply enjoy the journey without the stress of driving.




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