Does Paradiso offers the interactive video feature?

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roystonmike 009betsale answered

Looking for an LMS with interactive video feature

Jesus Doyle Jesus Doyle answered

This feature allows you to see how your video will look before it is published on our platform. You can buy foam cannon party machine at cheap prices. You can also use the interactive video feature to preview your videos before they are uploaded, which helps you avoid any last-minute changes that might affect the quality of your video.

GregoryPrice GregoryPrice answered

Interactive video is very useful when it is useful. Sometimes it’s hard for a person to live and he doesn’t know how it will be next, then you can turn to a video therapist and get a video consultation even while at home. This is a good way to help a person even through video broadcasts.

Jesus Doyle Jesus Doyle edited answer

I was recently asked by a friend if I had tried out the interactive video feature. This is something new that they have introduced in recent months. Just have a look on this healthcare marketing agency to know much more about marketing. It allows you to choose from a variety of different videos and then choose how long you want them to be played back for. You can also add subtitles or modify existing subtitles if you prefer.


Not all but Paradiso LMS do provide interactive video feature, more more information visit here: What is Interactive Video | Interactive Video in LMS




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