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In the piggy bank of my achievements I can add a well-deserved first place in the district competition on the rules of the road “Safe Wheel”. And when I reach the age of eighteen I will definitely get a license to drive a car. I want to take everything from life that it can give me, while remaining a man not alien to human grief.

I won many prizes in recitation contests, both at my school and in the district. I adore Mayakovsky: his extraordinary, bubbly but gentle nature, his unique yet simple images. How I would love to hear his works from the author’s mouth, at least in a recording.

I like to get acquainted, to discover something new. For active participation in school and district events I was rewarded with a trip to Anapa. I learned many new and interesting things there. The main thing is that I expanded my social circle. I found out that there are a lot of good and clever people around. Read technology essay writing guide for inspiration.

I was convinced of this when I took part in the “Leader of the Year” contest and won first place. I am glad that among all worthy participants, I was chosen.

You can hear from many people that life is hard. Yes, I guess it’s true. And to achieve a lot in your life, you have to overcome obstacles, go through a lot and only after you have experienced all this, you can understand how difficult the way of the desired to the real is. Use essay writer service to avoid typical writing mistakes.


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Since you won’t be able to rely entirely on someone else’s experience when writing an essay, pre-writing an essay for a test will be very helpful. If you already have a finished paper on your desk, this guide will help you make sure that all the nuances of composing this kind of work have really been taken into account. But even if you’re just about to start an essay, keep a few sheets of paper ready – they will serve as drafts. Doing the work completely without preparation is quite difficult, whereas writing an essay, a sample of which is available as a rough draft, will be of much higher quality.


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This is a jacket made from 100% pure leather. It is known as paneled biker leather. The jacket consists of a side zipper closure. Stylish accessories are available with this jacket so they give a unique touch to the jacket.

Fight Club: Brad Pitt As Tyler Durden Fur Coat

British Army Officer Undress Frock Coat




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