Im looking to integrate moodle with joomla, can someone help?

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David motox3m answered

Im looking to integrate moodle with joomla, can someone help?

kalas kalas answered

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Billie34 Billie34 answered

We have a content management site, and an intranet site in Joomla. Content of the content management system should be syndicated to the intranet site, so that the users of both can access it from one place. The same content and articles should also be possible to edit from both sites through the CMS. phoodle Need someone who can guide us on setting this up using Joomla and Moodle.

lucio90 lucio90 answered

This is because they provide a feature that Moodle does not, and you also want your users to have a unified experience when using the basketbros system.

Woocommerce is a good example. This WordPress plugin for eCommerce is well-established. You can utilize WordPress/Woocommerce to sell your courses, and then the integration will automatically create the users and enrolments needed in Moodle if you’re selling courses beyond what’s included in basic Moodle.

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There will be a tab on the super mario bros dashboard that’ll take your learners directly to the LMS. Hence, all those errors of lost/incorrect credentials will be reduced to a minimum.




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