Is Coursera an example of Learning Management System(LMS)?

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Will Philips leemaryy answered

Is Coursera a learning management system?

lilycollins68 lilycollins68 answered

Learning Management System (LMS) is an application used to store and manage online course content. The system will monitor and update students’ learning activities. venge io taming io

Alexander 11 Alexander 11 answered

Coursera is just a simple LMS and only faces a feature and marketing battle against Desire2Learn Building a new teaching method. Build a strong and stable business by helping children get the best education possible.

mcleanross mcleanross answered

A MOOC is nothing more than an online course. Paradiso LMS offers MOOCs via cloud hosting, which means we can provide the course’s server as well as allow students to enroll and pay for the course cookie clicker. Certification and badges, which give confirmation of completion and success, provide additional benefits.

roystonmike roystonmike answered

No, Course era can not be considered as an LMS, it is basically an Massive Open Online Course(MOOC). The MOOC is just an online course. Paradiso LMS provide MOOC in Cloud hosting, this means that we can provide the server for the course, it also enables the students to enrol and to pay for the course costs. Other advantages are with certification and badges, which provide proof of completion and achievement.




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