Is Paradiso Open Source LMS or Cloud-based LMS?

roystonmike ivaparadise answered

I want to understand if Paradiso is an Open Source LMS or a Cloud-based LMS.

Sunnil Chaudhari Sunnil Chaudhari answered

Hi Royston,

Paradiso Solutions is an IT company that has built plenty of solutions to help companies and institutions achieve their goals while reducing time, resources and getting better ROI.

To bring flexibility and facilities to the clients, Paradiso offers an Open-Source LMS, On-premise LMS, and a Cloud-based LMS. Awesome! isn’t it?

Depending on your needs an requirements you can either choose an Open-Source LMS to play with its code or you can select a Cloud-based LMS with more features, customization, and support included. So the answer to your question would depend on what you are looking for.

We want to give you all the facilities so you don’t need to worry much about hosting, server issues, branding, customization, etc. Anything you could require we can develop for you.




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