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tommyfreed George Mark answered

What are the best free alternatives to Moodle (LMS) for colleges?

deefo01 deefo01 answered

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Renelon523 Renelon523 answered

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bevis0405 bevis0405 answered

Schoology offers a freemium model, where the basic version is free for individual teachers and small institutions. It provides tools for course Mini Crossword creation, assignment management, discussions, and grading.

Sterling Sterling answered

I can list some options as follows:
Blackboard Learn.
D2L Brightspace.
Google Classroom.
Canvas LMS.
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pradnyamaske tommyfreed unselected as best answer

There are many Moodle alternatives that provide free eLearning solutions. I would suggest that Paradiso LMS is the best Moodle alternative in terms of integrations, customization, and cost. From a learner perspective there, is a lot to like about this LMS: it is engaging, informative, and includes an awful lot of interaction opportunities that learning management systems are not really noted for. If you are confused between Paradiso and Moodle you can check out Moodle vs Paradiso comparison. It will help you to make vital decisions.




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