Moodle or Blackboard

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tommyfreed james8970 answered

Is there a free platform for online teaching and learning like Moodle or Blackboard?

KimAbelsen KimAbelsen answered

There are so many learning platforms out there. I really want to find a suitable one.

BridgetJohn BridgetJohn answered

Because so many people over the world love tiny fishing and even celebrities play it, there is a significant community of individuals ridiculing it. And what about you, what are your thoughts on the game of dribbling on that never-ending road?

JeffThorsen777 JeffThorsen777 edited answer

Online learning is very important nowadays during a pandemic. This topic is very relevant today and we raised it at the university. I decided to ask for help on the site as it was difficult for me to describe the changing public school education. Thanks to the experts, my coursework was ready and I was able to protect it.

JaneJLocane JaneJLocane answered

I am also looking for a similar platform. But I haven’t found it yet. This is very important for learning.




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