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How do you make online courses as interactive as possible?

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Creating an interactive online training module doesn’t have to be complicated. You just have to choose the appropriate elements based on your objectives and audience first, and everything will unfold naturally. But question rises how to make your online course interactive.
Here are a few ways you can make online courses more interactive:

  • Incorporate an interactive element on each slide
  • Add digital storytelling to your courses
  • Include interactive 360° images and videos
  • Create simulated environments where learners can freely practice
  • Devise branching scenarios

If you want to create an interactive online course on your own, I will suggest Paradiso Composer to create your courses. These is robust and the latest version are flash and html compatible. A lay person will struggle with building a solid online course so you can check out this website where they have explained how to create interactive online course.

I hope it will help.

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